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Private label wine boxes: Enhance your brand and customer relation

With your brand you destinguise yourselve from the competition. Your logo and brand identity represent all the energy and quality you invested in the relation with your customer.

Enhancing your Brand Identity

Your name and logo enhance your Brand Identity. You are looking for a good brand recognision and a positive attitude. Your Brandlogo is visible on your products and website.
Therefor it is obvious that your brand is printed on the wine box wether you give it away or sell it.

With a private label wine packaging you enhance the positive feeling accosiated with your brand and link it to a joyful moment. Do you recognize this: To remember exactly what company gave you that nice present?

Unique communication instrument

Private label wine packaging is a very strong communication instrument.
You don’t need to design nor produce your own wine packaging. Just a Box designs and produces private label wine boxes and has a wide range of designs to choose from. More relevant than the old fashion wooden box. With your logo on the box!

Your customer will get a nice bottle of wine in a thrilling packaging that confirms your good relation.

Enhancing the ralation

So do you ever give a bottle prosecco, champage or wine as a promotional gift?
Then think about giving a wine box with your logo.

Are you a wine merchant looking to make a difference to your customers?
Then add a custom wine box or private label to your offer. You know this will enehance your relation forever!

Want to know more about wine packaging and private label wine boxes?
Check out the website of Just a Box wine boxes and let us inspire you!